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What an awesomely run fun event at Cartagena. I’ve never been on a more friendly, positive and well run event. I had my doubts as they are a new player in the market but I’m a convert and will definitely be back again. They even picked up and dropped off my bike from home (worth £££ in itself) although I’m not sure this is normal protocol it was massively appreciated.
Free tyre changes, photos, coaching and even beer one night. What more can you ask for in a euro trackday.
Cant wait till Andalucia in oct/nov

C. Sharman

Positivement étonné de la disponibilité et convivialité des Trackdudes.
Le troisième jour de roulage à Calafat, annulé à cause d’une forte tempête, les trackdudes nous ont offert une demi journée de roulage (open pit line) gratuite le lendemain comme compensation de la journée perdue. C’est du jamais vu!

O. Leclercq

They got me with their slogan: 'No more 15-minute sessions' — that’s how we ended up with Track Dudes in Guadix for an unforgettable track day. As we already did a lot of track days with all kinds of organisations all over Europe, this was something new, something fresh.
It’s easy going, you’re just there to ride, you have plenty of track time and if you need any help those guys are there for you in a second.
In these turbulent times a lot of trackday organisers have cancelled their events — these dudes stayed true to their word and did all they could to let us ride in Guadix.
Thank you Track Dudes, you’re special!

Aline and Daniel

Why Trackdudes

Maximum tracktime: 2 group-, 3 group-, and open pitlane events
Limited entries
Free photography
Free tyre service
Free mechanical help and bike set-up
Free instructions on- and off track
Pre event tyre order service (Limited stock on site)
Free tea and coffee all day
Free drink on 1 evening

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Trackdudes offers motorcycle test- & trackday events to suit all levels of riders across Europe and the UK. No more 15 minute sessions. Our main focus is sessionless test- and trackdays with at least 7 hours of tracktime.

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